Your body probably cringes when you hear the word smart as the picture formed in your mind regarding smart people is one where a bunch of ‘geeks’ are sitting around discussing math formulas that sound like Chinese to the ordinary person. As discouraging as that is to anyone, you don’t have to have created a space rocket at NASA to pass yourself off as smart. There are more attainable ways that you can use to both look and feel smart.



1. Speak Proper English

You will never be perceived as smart if you depend on slang. Smart people speak in full sentences using correct sentence construction and they pronounce their words properly.


2. Stay Up To Date with Current Events
Listen to the news and read newspapers. Let’s be honest, those who listen to the news always appear to be smarter. They keep up to date with the current global events, and they share what they know about what’s going on around the world. Make sure you bring up current events in your social conversations.


3. Make Eye Contact
The popular perception is that looking away when someone’s talking to you is a sign that you have low self-esteem or, you are not sure of your story. Make eye contact when talking to people: it shows that you are concentrating on the conversation at hand, and that you are confident of your responses to the matter at hand.


4. Cover Up
Contrary to the popular belief that those who dare to wear revealing clothes are brave and therefore smarter, the opposite is actually true. Someone who consistently wears revealing clothes is attempting to divert people’s attention away from what they are trying to say, and is drawing focus to the way they look. A conclusion can be drawn that they are using their body to get what they want, as opposed to using their brain. It’s acceptable to be sexy, but look dignified by wearing clothing appropriate to the occasion. When people aren’t distracted by your appearance, it’s easier to have your mind do the talking.


5. Don’t Pretend to Know if You Don’t
You will look stupid if you comment on a subject which you have little or no knowledge of. Someone who is actually knowledgeable will engage you in conversation regarding that subject, and it will be a disaster for you if you give false or incorrect information.


6. Ask Questions
Dumb people think they know anything and everything and they end up looking stupid because they don’t know anything and everything. Ask, ask and ask. There is no shame in not knowing everything and in fact an inquisitive mind is a sign that you are smarter as it’s a sign that you have an insatiable desire to know more.


7. Know When to Keep Quiet
People who talk nonstop end up revealing how stupid they really are, don’t talk if it’s not necessary. Keep in mind what Abraham Lincoln said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”. If you are not clued up about the conversation in progress, you’ve nothing to contribute except your attention. Listen and learn.


8. Take Care of Your Personal Hygiene
Name one person that you think is smart, but has bad breath, body odor and doesn’t bath regularly? Exactly. Maintaining personal hygiene goes hand-in-hand with smart people because it presumes a quality of many intelligent people: self-respect.


9. Familiarize Yourself with English Proverbs
“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, “A stitch in time saves nine”, “The early bird catches the worm”. Learn as many of them as you can, know what they mean. Now, if you must use one, don’t finish it. “A bird in hand…” interjected at the right point of a conversation slightly flatters your listeners by presuming they can finish the familiar proverb on their own and makes you less tedious when risking cliche. Use sparingly.


10. Wear Glasses
There is a misconception that people who wear glasses are smarter. Wearing glasses encourages the perception that you read a lot. Though this is not necessarily true, the prejudice is out there nonetheless, so why not use it to your advantage?
Practicing the above suggestions will ensure that you leave the impression that you are smart. These strategies will help you exude confidence and soon, you will notice your peers expressing an interest in hearing what ‘smart’ you has to say. The above list isn’t exhaustive and you can play around with ideas.