Life always manages to teach you what a self-help book never can. Today, everything around us is a whirlwind of sorts. Expectations touch the sky and opportunities are few and far between. It seems that however much we try and stretch ourselves, we fall short by an inch or a mile. Disappointments are waiting to welcome us at every nook and corner of life and living in general. The need to prove ourselves 24/7 nibbles at mental peace. How then should we establish ourselves and contribute effectively towards the world?




The answer lies in letting the world know that we exist and that we can make a difference in our own unique way to better it one way or the other. Now, we must realize that nothing comes easy. Success is hard of hearing and loves to play hide and seek. We need to announce our arrival with confidence and ring our bell hard enough. The key lies in discovering ways to enhance our personality and improving ourselves in all walks of life. Come, let’s unlock the door to a more cordial world where we are recognized and maybe even admired.

The Formula
Ernest Hemingway once said that being superior to your fellow men isn’t noble; true nobility lies in being superior to your former self. This is the essence of making a difference anywhere, anytime. Listed below are ten simple ways of transforming oneself to a better individual who carries the potential to inspire others:

Believe in the Power of a Dream
Every big achievement lies in the shadow of a dream. Think of a tiny sapling that grows into a big, shady tree. The big tree emerge from that fragile looking sapling only. Applied to you, a beginning, however small it may be, is a beginning nonetheless. It can make miracles happen. So, dream and take the shot higher than you think you can handle. In other words, challenge your limit!

Let Go of a Casual Attitude
Life is what you make of it every single day. Leaving things to tomorrow is like postponing your success. Make a conscientious effort to leave the couch and find your jogging track. Be it any field of life, get up now and be in a hurry to ride the train of your goal.

Keep an Open Mind and Learn to Adapt
People around you will be illogical, tongues will never cease to wag, inflation will continue to challenge you, your surroundings will be hostile…everything will never be right with the world. The faster you can adapt the better it will be for you.

Become the ‘Ant’…
…who never tires of trying again and yet again. You may be trying to lose weight or write a book. You may be burning midnight oil for a promotion at work. You may be engaged in social service hoping to change the world. And, you may be meeting failure often. Remember, it’s the tough people who last, not the tough times. Keep going and the world will take notice.

Endeavor to Be a Good Example
Inspiration, after all, is always welcome. Let yourself become a ‘story’ that parents like to tell their kids.

If You Want to Share, Share Optimism
Hope sustains life. For many of us, life can be quite bleak at times and future seems distant. A personal loss, a setback at work, passing away of a dear one and such like episodes can rob hope from us. It’s important for someone to stress on the presence of a silver lining behind every grey cloud.

Help your friends, family and everyone else you meet make peace with themselves by respecting what they are. Keeping up with the Joneses of the world can get frustrating after a while. What’s important is to look for the best in us and using it to our best advantage.

Your Knowledge is the Ultimate Power
Read and keep abreast of the happenings of the world.

Keep Your Word
Always promise what you can deliver; then go ahead and deliver more than your promise. The world needs some selflessness truly, madly, deeply.

Take Time to Pamper Yourself
Dance and listen to music or paint. Creativity is therapy in more ways than one.

After Reading This, Pass It On.

See, you’ve made the world a better place already.