Brain power is far more superior to any ill-fated superpower. Seriously, I’m betting that Superman would trade his X-ray vision to learn how to trick his brain into believing he wasn’t deathly allergic to Kryptonite. Did you know that you can actually trick your brain into making itself smarter? It might sound a little quirky but the mind is a powerful piece of technology that when used properly can perform far beyond standard expectations. Ready to get a little smarter today? If so, read on.


human brain on white background

Life Hack #1: There’s Nothing Wrong With Sleepy Heads
If you love sleep you’ll enjoy this mind trick. In 2012 the National Institute of Health funded a study that examined sleep’s influence on memory. The study’s results suggested that memory stabilization is one the sleep’s many functions. Basically what this means is that sleep helps extend the life of your memory more so than staying awake. So, if you want to become smarter by remembering more information longer than instead of indulging in all night cram sessions, simply sleep more. The next time someone says you sleep too much you can now blame it on science or sheer intelligence.

Life Hack #2: Eat IQ Foods
I used to think that my mom was lying to me about how vegetables make you smarter. Science has shown that compounds like Choline and Omega 3 Fatty acids found in food actually help improve memory, promote brain health, and even prevent brain deterioration. Some IQ foods worthy of your smart palette include old fashion eggs, berries, and yes even lard. Now, I’m always bombarded with the excuse that healthy food puts a bigger dent in your wallet, which is often true since higher quality items can be pricier. All excuses aside you can definitely be proactive by starting a small garden of your own, joining a rewards club, or even take a crack a extreme coupon-ing.

Life Hack #3: Fall In Love With Classical Music
For many years companies like IBM and even universities have used classical music as a tool for improving concentration, memory, comprehension, and to speed up the learning process. Studies have shown that music actually rewires brain patterns particularly in people continuously exposed to music. Studies have also shown clear variations in portions of the brain based on measurements and matter detection. Some people suggest that the reason music is so effective at improving
brain function is because it somehow aligns the functions of the left and right brain. So before you start your next ultra-smart task, surf YouTube for some Baroque study or concentration music or Mozart. Then play the tune in the background at a low volume. After awhile you’ll be surprised how focused your brain becomes.

Life Hack #4: Think About Things That You Don’t Know
It seems strange that thinking about something you’ve never experienced or known would somehow make you smarter but in July 2009 the Scientific American reported that thinking about things with psychological distance, defined as anything not happening in the present or not happening to a person at the present moment, will result in increased creative brain power. For example, envision a beach you’ve never visited. Construct the environment in your mind, making anything possible: which is why this process is so effective. Your mind has never experienced this location, so it can’t be contained by personal perceptions or expectations. It’s free to be creative. You can do this with anything. It’s actually fun.

Life Hack #5: Become a Gamer & Jump While Doing It
Just when you thought video games were bad for your brain a recent study published on BBC suggested that playing video games can help improve academic performance. If you don’t enjoy video games you can simply replace this quick activity with challenging puzzles or mind exercises. Aside from brain stimulation you should also incorporate some sort of physical activity to get your blood pumping. Some people swear by trampolines, inversion tables, or vibration machines. Whatever your preference may be, staying active is important for your body and mind in general.

These 5 simple life hacks are so easy anyone can do them. You simply must make it a point to intentionally integrate them into your daily schedule. You’ll quickly find that you’re growing smarter and smarter one hack at a time.