Wisdom is not only knowledge that is born out of experience—wisdom is also knowing when to apply what you know in sensible ways. Whenever you’re struggling with a life situation or phase, having the wisdom to navigate the rough waters can be emotionally life-saving. But where and how do you find wisdom when you need it?


Try these “places” to find knowledge that will enrich your life:

1. Call a parent. Although you might not currently have the type of relationship where you willingly seek guidance from Mom and Pop, it’s never too late to start. Your relationship with your parent will be enhanced and you’ll experience one of the most rewarding emotional connections possible in life. Seek out your parent for some much-needed information.

2. Consider relevant past experiences. Because wisdom is intricately connected with experiences, think about how you’ve dealt with a similar situation. Maybe your girlfriend just broke off your engagement. Think about anything related to that type of situation that you’ve been through in the past. What did you do then? How would that action work now? How could you tweak the action to work in your current situation? Strive to learn from and even use something from your prior experience to get through the current crisis.

3. Read a self-help book. Reflect on what you read. Which parts will work for you