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Summer Sunset Soundscape

I am excited by the presence of a new day. Each new day is a gift that I choose to cherish. I begin my day by waking up in a warm, soft ...

Butterflies in the Meadow Soundscape

I am comfortable with the challenges each new day brings. I am thrilled with the set of challenges each day brings. Challenges are the unexpected plunges in the rollercoaster of life. Even ...

FireFlies in the Night Soundscape

My life is a wondrous journey. I am pleased with the pathway my life takes. In an average day, I experience some unexpected twists and turns in the road. I accept ...

Autumn Harvest Soundscape

I am discovering the beautiful person inside of me. 
 I give myself uninterrupted time to focus on building myself up. Quiet time is where self-affirmation begins. I turn off my ...